Co-extrusion is an extrusion process used to obtain a product that combines two textures :  one material is extruded and continuously filled with another to form a single product.  For example, a crispy cereals outer envelope can be co-extruded with a sweet or savory filling basis.

How does the co-extrusion process work ?

co extrusion schéma

Co-extrusion involves the use of an extruder to create the outer envelope and an auxiliary system for injecting a filling. This is called co-extrusion or co-injection.

Co-extrusion should not be confused with “true co-extrusion” which implies two extruders connected together to extrude two products simultaneously and form only one. The “true co-extrusion” is used for example in the case of pet food treats when the viscosities of coextruded materials are high.

Die or co-extrusion kit

co-extrusion kit



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