Bicoloration technology for snacks, breakfast cereals and petfoodBi-coloration technology allows one twin screw extruder to manufacture products with two colors. The colors are clearly defined and each colored section may have a different texture to give the product a distinctive mouthfeel.

Bi-colored products are manufactured using our bi-coloration kit. This clip-on module can be included on new production lines or added to existing production lines as an upgrading solution to diversify your production.

Bi-coloration technology can produce two-colored breakfast cereals, snacks and pet food products.

How does bi-coloration technology work?

Inside a special barrel the product is separated into two independent flows: each flow contains a colour and may also contain a flavour. These two flows are combined at a level of specific die-plate, and distributed to the die-inserts. See the drawing below :


Bicoloration Technology