Automation is the use of specific technologies to monitor and visualize in real time and in a focused way, what happens during the processing of a product.

There are partial or complete automation systems adapted to each use: from a simple machine to the management of the entire plant. Automation enables better control of product processing, by ensuring that the parameters of the manufacturing process and equipment are properly aligned. It is an indispensable tool allowing operators to effectively monitor the manufacturing process, beginning with a variety of raw materials to produce a finished product at the level of quality required, which is then categorized, traceable and packaged.



Supervision centralizes monitoring (display) and local verification.

It is composed of hardware (data collection) and software (control, monitoring, display, etc.). It enables the monitoring and control of the entire process.

Why supervision is essential:

  • Check the availability of raw materials and equipment involved in the process
  • Track the status of equipment (components of the line)
  • Manage line starts and stops automatically or manually
  • Modify / adjust line parameters
  • Prevent failures / rejects (work within the tolerance levels)
  • Diagnose failures through detection and localization
  • Predict changes to optimize production though dynamical (real-time) analysis of resource utilization

The supervision interface of the line enables the following actions:

  • Display of the line in a representative diagram (synoptically)
  • View of the line and equipment status:
    • Line in production or in maintenance
    • Time of appearance, acknowledgment of alarms and disappearance
    • State of equipment: on, off, default
    • Fill level, availability of tanks, hoppers …
    • Records of data and events in a database.
  • Analysis of values:
    • Differences between measurements and procedures
    • Publishing of reports
    • Development of measurements and differences (curves)
  • Display of messages for line operators

Complete automation service

Clextral offers counseling, diagnosis and recommendations for automation engineering. Clextral experts design, supply, install and test operations, as well as providing and training for new and existing lines.

Remote assistance

The automation of lines makes it possible to provide efficient remote assistance services.

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