Drying is a key stage in many industries and in particular in the food processing industry. Drying provides essential characteristics that extend product shelf life, ensure quality and simplify transport. Drying technology involves evaporating the liquid in a product, without altering its essential characteristics and/or enabling the introduction of new features.

Clextral offers drying technologies to meet specific product and quality requirements.

Expertise and Technology

Clextral experts design drying systems to meet customer requirements: product quality and features, scale, cost efficiency and environmental impact.

Clextral proposes a range of drying systems based on two technologies:

  • Dynamic drying with the Evolum® belt dryer. This system precisely controls air temperature, speed of airflow directions and residence times, to comply with the quality, texture, and structural properties of processed products.EVOLUM dos détouré
  • Dynamic rotary drying with the Evolum® Rotante. This specific rotary dryer keeps the product moving constantly in a linear product conveyance system driven by Archimedes screws, thus ensuring homogeneous and consistent drying. Drying can be done at different temperatures, with an energy efficiency yield of 90 %.

Rotante dryer Clextral