Snacks production lineOur extrusion and co-extrusion production lines can process various cereal based snacks – uncoated, coated or filled – with a wide variety of recipes and shapes.

These lines leverage Clextral’s unique twin-screw extrusion technology and are highly flexible and scalable. They can be quickly and economically modified to manufacture innovative new products such as filled products, chips or bread snacks, with simple-to-install additional equipment.

How does an expanded snack production line work?

Once they are prepared, controlled quantities of raw materials and process liquids are premixed and then dosed to feed the extrusion platform continuously and consistently. The homogeneous mix thus created by the action of two co-rotating screws is subjected to thermo-mechanical processing to gelatinize the starch and cook the product. The paste is then pushed through the die to shape, expand and give the product its light and airy finished texture. The design of the die insert, the moisture content in the extruder and the expansion ratio are key factors in determining the texturing and shaping of expanded snack products.

At the extruder exit, the expanded product is either cut directly at the die head or conveyed on a belt to be cut by a post extrusion cutting system. The product can also be filled (injection of the filling at the level of the die) when the unit is equipped with a co-extrusion module.

Snacks expansés

Shaped snacks are transported on a belt dryer at a controlled temperature to achieve the target level of moisture content. The dried product is then cooled for storage or directly conveyed to the coating system. Two types of coating are used: an oil/flavours mixture to produce a slurry to be applied directly to the snack or, alternatively, an oil spray and dusting with flavours, spices, salt and other powdered materials. The flavored snacks are then cooled to room temperature before being transported to the packaging units.

Flexible lines designed for product innovation and more productivity

The added value of your snack extrusion lines:

  • Productive and controlled manufacturing: continuous and automated high-capacity processing, fast automated changeovers, recording and management of settings and recipes, quick and easy die changes, easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Flexible, facilitating product innovation:
    • A diversity of raw materials, using a wide range of ingredients (flour or meal using refined or whole cereals, exotic raw materials such as root vegetables, classical cereals, etc.) and process flexibility to enable changes in product features (particle size, moisture or variable fat content)
    • A variety of operating conditions to produce specific textures and densities
    • A wide range of sizes, shapes and fillings (with optional co-extrusion kits)
    • Simple adaptation of add-ons to extend your range of products: various shapes, bi-colored and co-extruded snacks, bread snacks (croutons), multigrain chips, etc.
  • Cost-effective: HTST (High Temperature Short Time) intensified transformation process generating savings in raw materials, water and energy; very hygienic processing and easy maintenance; compact design with reduced floor space requirements. Advanced automation designed by our experts ensures precise process control, resulting in consistent and repeatable quality.
  • Finished product capacity : 200 kg/h to 2 000 kg/h

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