line pastaFor over 50 years, Clextral lines have offered complete production solutions for a wide range of typical short-cut pasta shapes. Over the years, Clextral experts have continuously refined every component in the production process, building high-performance lines to customer specifications, including its exclusive VHT (Very High Temperature) drying system. Clextral short pasta extruders are particularly adapted to the modern requirements of production in terms of cost-effectiveness, flexibility, ease of use, hygiene and maintenance.

How is pasta made ?

The raw materials are mixed with a precise dosing mechanism to maintain constant flow and obtain homogenous dough in the pasta extruder. The pressing phase is carried out with a single screw system specially designed to ensure optimal semolina hydration, mixing, compression and extrusion. Once the dough is kneaded to the required consistency it is put through fitted dies to produce the required shapes and cut to length. Drying is achieved in two phases : first, the pre-drying Trabatto is used to crust the dough surface in order to avoid sticking. The second phase is done on Rotante drying units which include a VHT (Very High Temperature) drying system, which offers several advantages, including faster pasta producton, heightened quality of the final product (especially for pasta made with soft wheat), reduced product loss, short changeover times and very hygienic processing. After drying, the pasta is cooled and stabilized in the industrial pasta machine and then transported to storage or packaged directly.

State-of-the-art production of pasta

Clextral pasta extruders are designed and manufactured to strict production standards ensuring:

Pasta "Penne"

  • Quality construction and superior hygienic standards – stainless steel parts, easy cleaning, low loss of raw materials, etc.
  • Quick and easy on-site assembly – modular pre-mounted parts 
  • End-to-end process control – full automation to guarantee product consistency
  • Flexibility – quick changeover, easy shape changes and adjustment of production parameters, capacity varies from 1,500kg to 6,000kg/h
  • Efficient maintenance – standardized extrusion and drying parts, easy access for servicing
  • Follow-up services –training, support, new product design expertise
  • Sustainability – intensified processing to generate energy and water savings, as well as cost-effectiveness