ligne multigrainClextral designs, builds, installs and maintains state-of-the-art production lines to make new-generation multigrain extruded chips.

These highly productive, flexible and scalable lines leverage Clextral’s unique twin-screw extrusion technology and experience in product development. They can be quickly and economically modified to make innovative products to meet changing market demand for lighter and healthier snacks.

How does a multigrain extruded chips production line work?

Dried ingredients are weighed and mixed prior to the extrusion process and then either fed directly into the twin-extrusion core of the line or conveyed to an intermediate pre-conditioner. The twin-screw extruder cooks and processes the ingredients with a combination of thermal energy, mechanical shear and added moisture. Temperature control is critical in the production of multigrain chips, since the cooking level will determine the quality features of the finished product. The die at the end of the twin-screw extruder shapes the chips, which are then cut into individual pieces and conveyed to post-cooking operations. Extruded fried or baked chips are seasoned with various flavors such as onion, cheese, barbecue, pepper, chili, curry, etc. Seasoning typically takes place in a continuous drum where dry flavors are incorporated at ratios between 1 and 10% depending on desired product characteristics.

Multigrain chips lines : versatility and productivity

Clextral multigrain chip production lines offer the following advantages:

  • Innovative design – purpose-built lines developed by Clextral R&D in Tampa, FloridaMultigrain chips
  • Versatility – processing all types of whole-grain and starch-based raw materials
  • Flexible – production of different shapes, textures, colors, integration of multiple cereals, various tastes and coatings
  • Productive –continuous processing, fast changeover times and easy cleaning
  • Cost-effective – intensified processing, savings of raw materials, water and energy, contributing to Sustainable Development
  • Compact – taking up less floor space
  • Robust – made with the best materials and offering simple maintenance
  • Scalable – tonnage and output capacity custom-made to customer specifications with output of 100 kg/h to 1000 kg/h of finished product
  • Easy to maintain – self-cleaning, hygienic, serviceable

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