Bread snacks croutons production lineClextral designs, builds, installs and maintains twin-screw extrusion production lines to make a wide variety of bread snacks (also known as croutons). These lines integrate the mixing, cooking, shaping, cutting and drying stages required to make these products. This means food manufacturers can make bread snacks more quickly and more cost-effectively than they would with traditional bake-and-toast batch processing. 

How does a bread snack production line work?

Controlled weights of flour, ingredients and water are introduced into a batch mixer, according to the recipe for the end product. The mix is fed continuously and uniformly to the extruder and cooked at the right level. After being extruded, the cooked dough is sliced either at 45° or 90°. Clextral uses an innovative and specifically designed flexible cutting system, which is ideal for slicing extruded bread snacks. Cut products are conveyed to a temperature and humidity controlled belt dryer to reach the targeted level of moisture content and crispiness. Dried bread snacks are then seasoned.

Alternatively, “in-flavor” seasoning can be done upstream in the extruder itself, thus avoiding oil-based coating and reducing fat content.

Cutting-edge technology

Food manufacturers in many countries have adopted twin-screw extrusion systems to make bread snacks because they offer end-to-end production in a single line, with processing advantages over traditional bake-and-toast batch processing:bread snacks

  • Greatly reduced processing time and higher productivity
  • Easy changeover and cut changes, using Clextral’s exclusive flexible cutting system
  • Flexibility to process a wide variety of bread snacks and croutons for soups and salads
  • Intensified processing, resulting in reduced energy and water consumption, contributing to Sustainable Development
  • Process control to produce high-quality products with consistent features and flavor
  • Variable output, custom-designed to produce from 180 kg/h to 700 kg/h
  • Hygienic design of lines

Clextral can provide easy-to-fit clip-on kits to enable manufacturers of directly-expanded snacks to transform their lines to produce bread snacks. Clextral experts are also available to help design and test recipes to make products consumers appreciate.

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