Clextral provides a wide range of  twin-screw extrusion fish feed machines. It has played a pioneering role in the innovation and development of fish feed production since the 70’s. Clextral lines are designed to produce feed that meets the nutritional requirements of fish and other aquatic animals, with precise size and density control, whilst respecting the highest standards of water quality and sustainable development.

How is fish feed made ?

Fish feed and diesHigh quality ingredients (fish meal, cereals, vegetable proteins …) are selected and ground according to the specific nutritional and pellets size requirements of the aquatic animals.

The particle size distribution is a key factor for premium granulates production : therefore the grinding step is an important unit operation. The powder is then mixed with minor ingredients such as vitamins, mineral premixes… prior to the preconditioning.

Next, the heart of the process, extrusion cooking is done in three stages in the fish feed machine : preconditioning, extrusion cooking and die texturing/ shaping. Twin-screw extrusion-cooking uses its perfect mixing ability and parameters control such as shear, temperature, residence time to reach the highest physical and nutritional standards. Through direct steam injection, venting device and efficient barrel cooling, adjustable screw speed, screw configuration, shear and temperature conditions are perfectly controlled ; this leads to optimized functional and nutritional pellet properties such as the bulk density, calibration, cooking degree, best ratio proteins- lipids, etc

Clextral offer its to heat sensitive feed, shrimp or micro feed requiring extreme drying accuracy while maintaining a very narrow moisture content distribution.

Pellets can then be oil coated and possible additives and are cooled down to complete the fish feed processing.

The advantages of Clextral twin-screw processing lines

Twin-screw extruders offer the following advantages for fish feed production :

BC 160

  • Ingredient flexibility to process a large range of raw materials
  • Product integrity through very intensified mixing, resulting in homogenous melt, excellent starch gelatinization and protein matrix build up
  • Full control of process parameters and automation to ensure proper density levels and floating or sinking characteristics with high fat levels for salmonid fishes
  • Precise shaping and feed dimensions calibrated from 0.5 to 30.0 mm
  • Output range, from 25 to 34,000 kg/h
  • Reduced maintenance, with standardized extrusion and drying spare parts, built-in easy access
  • Follow-up services, including training, process and technical support, design expertise, automation and technical upgrade, trial possibilities using Clextral’s three research centers.


Did you know?

Clextral fish feed machines produce 2 millions tons of fish feed per year throughout the world.