Cutters are ancillary equipment located at the output of extruders, which cut the product after it has gone through the die. Once cut, granulators also ensure the conveyance of the product to downstream equipment on the extrusion line.

Functions of cutters in twin screw extrusion processCutter

  • Cutting the product as it comes out of the die
  • Shaping the product
  • Conveying the product using gravity or vacuum pressure

Main technical features of Clextral cutters

  • The cutting specifications are adapted to each product and process
    • They are adjusted as a function of the cut
    • The parallel alignment of the blades is adjusted to the required cut
  • Output of cutters supplied by Clextral can be adjusted to different needs – small capacities for R&D, medium- and high-output for production machines
  • Cutters are used for both Food and Feedgranulateur

Advantages of Clextral cutters

  • Ease of use, safe ergonomics for operators at all times both upstream and downstream
  • Hygiene and easy cleaning with no material trapping areas
  • Simplified maintenance, with the possibility of evacuating products by vacuum pressure or gravity
  • Modularity to produce a wide range of products
  • Accessibility to the front end of the extruder (die, front plates, screw tip)
  • Quick start and stop of the cutting function.