This is an independent piece of equipment that can be incorporated into our CC LAB+ small capacity couscous production line..

Cooker equipped with a steam generator, a wide range of controls and a set of steam injection rails. This cooker enables the continual cooking of the product. It is equipped with a lump breaker to break up the cake at the cooker exit point (can be removed when cooking other products).
The entrance hopper is equipped with a guillotine ensuring a good seal between the hopper and the cooking tunnel. Product distribution is managed by a “V” fixed directly onto the guillotine.

cuiseur demotteur couscous


‣ Separate steam diffusion rails for precise configuration of the steam injection zones.
‣ Optimised and retractable lump breaker
‣ Complete access to the cooking belt
‣ Integrated steam generation and control
‣ Stand-alone equipment without additional components





Special attention has been paid to the steam diffusion, each steam rail can be shut off independently and each is equipped with 5 injection nozzles that can be blocked off if necessary. In this way, the zones where steam will be injected can be configured with great precision.
The design of the lump breaker, which is used to break down the couscous after it has been cooked, has been optimised. The lump breaker is retractable, it can if necessary be opened (without danger). In this configuration the cooked product does not go through the lump breaker (fragile products, etc.) and is instead recovered directly at the cooker exit point. The lump breaker can also be completely removed for maintenance or to change the blade shaft. The geometry of the lump breaker’s grid has also been optimised.