This is an independent piece of equipment that can be incorporated into our CC LAB+ small capacity couscous production line.

Equipped with a rotating roller, comprising a solid zone and three zones where perforated sheets and/or grids can be installed. The different configurations enable the simulation of 5 successive sifting zones. The roller is also equipped with interchangeable recovery chutes that can be dismantled. The recycled products (either fine, wet or balls) are dealt with manually at the CC mixer entry point.

rouleur couscous


‣ Granulometry optimisation thanks to an accurate sifting profile
‣ Multi-zone rolling process
‣ Adjustable speed and inclination
‣ Easy rotating roller and grid access (67.5° opening angle)
‣ Easy cleaning thanks to the quick assembly/dismantling system and the interchangeable recovery chutes



The geometry of the rotating roller has several special features. First of all, a solid zone which enables the rolling process to be started. Next, 3 distinct zones enabling perforated sheets or grids to be installed. In these zones two processes take place alongside each other, rolling and sifting. The sifting process enables the non-aggregate particles to be recovered in the first two zones and the right product in the last.

The design of the grids as well as their configuration allows a precise sifting profile to be defined. This profile enables us to optimise the granulometry of the right product along with the roller’s output according to the raw materials used.