Over the years, Clextral has gained vast experience in food and non-food R&D in a wide variety of industries. Clextral provides laboratories and R&D facilities with specialized equipment to carry out product design and processing tests. This equipment, which includes extruders, specific ancillary equipment and add-ons, is generally a scaled-down version of our industrial machinery. It is easily transportable and is ‘plug & play’, i.e. it can be connected to existing power supplies and experiments can begin almost immediately.

Clextral’s R&D twin screw extruders offer:R&D machine

  • Supply of scaled-down custom-designed R&D equipment
  • Plug & play systems with built-in electrical panels and controls
  • Specially fitted  user-friendly operator’s touch terminal fastened to the side of the machine, which provides real-time operating data.
  • Output capacities starting from 5 kg/h
  • The housing for extruder screws are fitted with sliding openings to allow operators and R&D staff to have direct access to working parts, to see the effects of raw materials and to take samples
  • Quick changeovers and easy cleaning design
  • Flexible screw and extruder configurations for multiple tests
  • Machines can be easily emptied if they stall

For R&D purposes, Clextral extruders can be equipped with ancillary components, both upstream (e.g. pre-conditioners and dosing devices) and downstream (e. g.  dryers,  coating machines and coolers).