The Clextral Evolum® Rotante dryer provides optimum drying for dense, sticky or heat-sensitive products. Products are dried by airflow and the dryers provide high drying efficiency and accuracy, as well as a reduced carbon footprint. Evolum® Rotante technology is modular and can be adapted to specific products and processing throughput to ensure efficient and consistent drying, meeting the highest quality and profitability criteria. Over 100 dryers of this kind are currently in operation throughout the world.

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A wide range of applications

The Evolum® Rotante rotary dryer is the ultimate solution for drying starch-based products, including pasta, couscous, snack pellets, fish-farm feeding products including micro fish feed (products with very high fat content for fish fry), fruit, extruded rice and many other products. The size of the products to be dried can vary from 0.5mm (feed for fish fry) to 50mm (for certain specialty pastas).

A simple and unique dryer

The distinctiveness of this dryer is based on its simple and unique design: products are dried by an airflow, in Archimedes screws covered by fixed stainless steel sheeting on a central drum-shaped hub which spins slowly in a totally air-tight enclosure. Products are dried at different temperatures. Other features include optimized airflow, controlled air exhaust and precise regulation of drying parameters. Moisture levels are closely controlled by an electronic sensing device that measures the humidity level and activates the moisture extraction process when required.

Unparalleled performance

Rotante intérieur

The Evolum® Rotante dryer offers the following advantages.

  • Improved product quality due to:
    • Continuous and consistent drying, based on the same residence time for each product, providing homogenous drying limited to +/- 0.1% variation
    • Consistent heat exchange on all surfaces achieved by slow and continuous rotation and very thin layering of the product
    • Optimal drying for each product since the temperature and moisture of the air are independently and automatically controlled in several zones
  • Reduced energy consumption, with a minimum of 90% efficiency (measured by specialist aerolics experts), compared to food industry standards of 55 to 70%
  • Rotante dryer

    Flexibility, with the capacity to dry a wide range of products, 
rapid product changeover (formats, recipes), the possibility of drying several products at the same time using First in First Out (FIFO) linear processing

  • Simplified maintenance, since the dryer is built entirely in stainless steel, with direct 
access to mechanical parts (motors, fans, batteries) mounted outside the drying chamber for longer life-cycle expectancy, access to Archimedes screws through sliding apertures
  • Hygienic design and self-cleaning capabilities due to stainless steel construction, permanent movement eliminating all risks of clogging, gravitational dust recuperation and endless screws, no risk of cross-contamination
  • Quick on-site installation, with shipping of pre-mounted and tested components

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