EVOLUM dos détouré
The Evolum® belt dryer has been specially designed to dry extruded and expanded products on a continuous basis. This very compact “belt”  dryer features precise functions for gentle, efficient and cost-effective drying that ensures the quality of the finished product. This dryer is mainly integrated into our snack production lines and is also used by R&D centers.

How does the Evolum® belt dryer work?

The product is evenly spread on the belt by a dosing system that maintains a consistent thickness and ensures homogeneous drying. It is transported in fine layers on the belt at adjustable speeds, dried by gas or electrically powered forced-air ventilation at controlled temperatures.

The Evolum® dryer features optimized heat exchange and state-of-the-art drying technology. It precisely controls air temperature, pressure and residence time, to enhance the evaporation process. The speed of the belt (or conveyor) and air and exhaust flows are also strictly controlled. This ensures production of the quality, textures and structural properties of all extruded products, including directly expanded snacks (balls, curls, cups, etc.), breakfast cereals, stuffed cereals and textured vegetable proteins (chunks).

The drying chamber has been designed with the input of specialist aeraulics experts to achieve optimal drying under specific operating conditions: drying parameters, capacities, bulk densities and textures.
Evolum drier

The Evolum® belt dryer offers the following advantages.

  • Homogeneous drying due to uniform distribution of the product and layer thicknesses, with adjustment of variable belt speeds
  • Compact design, reducing space requirements with shipping of pre-mounted and tested components
  • Flexibility, with the capacity to dry a wide range of products
  • Hygienic design to facilitate cleaning and maintenance
  • Robust and reliable construction with all product contact parts in food-compliant stainless steel
  • Optimal insulation of the doors and openings to improve drying and reduce energy dispersion
  • Operator-friendly interface

The Evolum ® dryer is available in three models – EV 300, EV 600 et EV 1200 – which correspond to throughput speeds used in snack processing, i.e. 300kg/h, 600kg/h and 1,200kg/h. The speeds vary as a function of the other products to be dried.

The Clextral research centers in Firminy, France and Tampa, Florida have Evolum® belt dryers with a capacity of 300kg/h.