This is an independent piece of equipment that can be incorporated into our CC LAB+ small capacity couscous production line..



The Rotary dryer© created for the CC LAB+ range dries 50 kg/h of couscous or pasta.
As with the rest of the line, it can be used for laboratory work and be installed on a low output production line.

Drying is entirely homogeneous like with an industrial dryer. It is possible to define two independent drying zones to optimise the process for each product. If need be, the flow rate of each recycling fan can be varied to refine the drying process and reduce the risk of certain products being blown away.



‣ Homogeneous drying thanks to the EVOLUM® Rotary dryer
‣ Optimised electrical dryer for couscous and pasta, two independent drying zones
‣ Adjustable air recirculation and automatic management of air humidity
‣ Absence of « dead zones », no contamination risk between two products