doseur melangeur cc lab+MOBILE DOSING UNIT

This is an independent piece of equipment that can be incorporated into our CC LAB+ small capacity couscous production line..

Mobile dosing station, equipped with a single-screw volumetric feeder (50 kg/h) for raw materials and a peristaltic pump (10-20 l/h) for process water or other fluids. This mobile dosing station is used to feed the CC mixers.


‣ Mobile solid and liquid dosing station
‣ Single-screw volumetric feeder (50 kg/h) for raw materials and a dosing pump (10-20 l/h) for liquids
‣ Variable settings for the mixer to control the volume of the mixture
‣ Integrated water injection rail
‣ No containment zones

Its special feature is that it offers a solid and liquid dosing system that is mobile. The equipment is ergonomic and enables easy transfer between the different appliances. The appliances are connectible by plugs or quick couplers making the dosing station’s use easy and intuitive.


Overflow mixer with 1 adjustable trough:

  • Complete control of mixture volume
  • Homogeneity of the agglomerate derived from the mixer.
  • The geometry of the mixer’s paddles and the ability to adjust their angle allows a precise mixing profile to be defined (mixing zones, containment zones).
  • The integration of the water injection rail into the structure of the vat helps to prevent residual containment zones.