DKM, a division of Clextral, specializes in piston and diaphragm alternating positive displacement pumps. It provides a full range of pumps for nuclear applications, oil , gas and chemical installations and extruder-based industrial processing, both food and non-food.

Safety pumps for the nuclear industryNuclear pump DKM

In 1971, DKM began to manufacture pumps intended for safety injection circuits for nuclear power plants. In 1977, Clextral-DKM integrated these pumps into an exclusive hydraulic drive system. These pumps are installed in virtually all of France’s nuclear power plants (900/1300MW and N4) and have been exported to several countries, including Belgium, South Africa, South Korea and China (CPR1000)).

Plunger piston and mechanical drive pumps have also been installed in nuclear power plants, notably in Finland and China (EPR plants), Switzerland and Belgium.

Pumps for oil, gas and chemicals installations

DKM pumps for the oil, gaz and chemical industries are API 674 and 674 compliant. The scaling and supply of purpose-built equipment ensure maximum availability of installations in demanding industries, which demand totally reliable equipment and systems.

Pumps and accessories for extrusion-based industrial installations

DKM dosing and transfer pumps are used on Clextral twin screw extruders for food & feed and pulp & paper applications. The DKM diaphragm or piston dosing pumps accurately control continuous flow. DKM dosing and transfer pumps cover a wide range of flow rates, pressures and temperatures according to the applications and constraints required.

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