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The EPT™ Process (Extrusion Porosification Technology) is an economical, flexible and compact alternative to conventional powder drying technology such as spray drying, drum drying and freeze drying.

To allow its customers to assess the potential of this process, Clextral has designed and markets a pilot line with evaporative capacity of 30kg/h of water. Clextral also proposes a full range of services for process-product innovations.

History and current activities in EPT™ research

EPT™ is a Clextral patented process, developed in collaboration with New Zealand and Australian partners. By use of twin-screw extrusion technology, EPT™ aims at producing continuously porous powders with controlled structures and advanced rehydration properties.

This intensified drying technology process was first tested for the manufacturing of milk powders and their derivatives. The process was then extended to other added value food products: protein concentrates, high-fat mixes, heat-sensitive ingredients (aromas, bacteria), instant drinks, etc. Clextral experts and their partners are currently exploring EPT™ applications in non-food areas, including fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

EPT™ pilot lines are designed to adapt the industrial drying process to various raw materials, to explore new areas of applications and to fine tune stop and start and cleaning procedures.

Compared to conventional spray drying, the tests carried out on the pilot line in Australia showed that EPT™ improves significantly the functional properties of powders and provides operational advantages such as flexibility, productivity and energy saving (20 to 40 %).

Clextral received the innovation award at the IPA food process exhibition in Paris in 2012.

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