ligne chimieClextral designs and sets up intensified chemical transformation processing lines using reactive extrusion techniques. Clextral’s co-rotating twin-screw technology and the company’s long experience in product development ensure the efficiency of this highly flexible and scalable process. 

The twin-screw extruder’s remarkable mixing capabilities make it possible to process reduced volumes of materials in each production cycle. Twin-screw extrusion ensures a maximum level of safety in the processing of chemicals and energy materials by radically reducing the risk of explosion and spontaneous combustion.


What are the characteristics of a reactive extrusion twin-screw line?

Each reactive extrusion process used in the chemical transformation is custom-made with the participation of the industrialists involved.

The solid raw materials stored in silos or big bags are conveyed to a buffer hopper located above volumetric or weigh feeders by a pneumatic conveyor belt. The liquids are pumped by piston and/or membrane pumps and injected in the twin screw extruder sleeve at the best location for the reactive extrusion process.

Reactions are carried out in homogeneous or heterogeneous phase in the twin-screw extruder, which becomes a continuous extruder-reactor, with exceptional mixing capabilities.

The sleeves of the atmospheric or vacuum degazing ports help remove moisture or residual monomers.

The advantages of twin screw extrusion for chemical transformation

  • Acceleration of chemical kinetics according to reactions under the effect of temperature and pressure
  • Intensified processing, thanks of to thorough mixing between chemical reagents allowing to reduce mixing time and generating energy savings through efficient heat exchange
  • Containment of the reaction and the use of smaller quantities of products, leading to enhanced safety conditions for operators and reduced environmental risk
    • Higher productivity compared to conventional batch processing
    • Control of the reactions along the line, including pressure and temperature control
    • Consistent quality thanks to continuous processing, facilitating reproducibility (recording and archiving of parameters

Clextral also offers its expertise and dedicated equipment to the chemical processing industry at its Research center to try out new reactions and improve manufacturing processes.

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