Sustainable Plant Based Protein & Fermentation Solutions ASIA

Clextral will participate to the Sustainable Plant Based Protein & Fermentation Solutions ASIA event and is an associate sponsor. It will be held on September 7th, 2021 in Singapore both on-site and virtually. This event will be about the innovations to increase availability, taste, texture of plant-based meats/protein and technologies for plant-based applications. 

Olivier Drean, Clextral’s Asia Pacific Director will do a presentation called « Introduction to plant-based meat analogues by twin-screw extrusion – Perspective from the manufacturing side » at 10:55 am (SGT). After the 15 min presentation, it will have a live Q&A session. 

There is a growing interest for plant-based products as consumers are looking for sustainable and healthy alternative to meat. They are seeking for alternative proteins to integrate into their food. Many arguments are taken into consideration to explain the advantages of these products. Regarding to health, plant-based products are :

  • Cholesterol-free
  • Low in fat
  • High in protein and fiber content
  • Rich in nutrients 

The question of the environmental advantages in comparison with meat production can be sum up with lower water requirements, lower surface needed for the production, better profitability of production and lower CO2 impact. So both the sustainable and health arguments are important to the consumers.

Clextral is specialized in the twin screw extrusion technology. With this technology, manufacturers can produce fibrated proteins that have the taste, the texture and the visual appeal of animal proteins. These vegetable proteins are made from plants such as soya, cereals, pulses (peas, beans, lentils, lupine), sunflower… The aim is to use those protein products either as ingredients for vegetarian or vegan dishes or prepared for ready-to-eat meals.

Different types of legumes and cereals on white background, top view. Organic grains

If you are interested by the plant-based meat analogues, the advantages of vegetable proteins or the twin screw extrusion, join us. You can visit the event website to find more information and register.