Our advice and assistance is focused on preventive maintenance, to ensure that processing lines are operating at their highest level of efficiency, while preventing unplanned downtime.

We propose a range of advice and assistance services to optimize your production process, including: 

  • Auditing of your equipment and production lines
  • Tuning of machine parameters
  • Auditing to detect parts that need to be changed
  • Reviews of your parts management system and stocking policies.

Clextral experts are available for specific checks or comprehensive audits of your equipment. They carefully and precisely measure technical parameters and they also assess if equipment is being properly used.

Following these audits, we provide clear and objective assessments of the state of production units and propose changes or upgrades if necessary. Our goal is to optimize the potential of your facilities and product quality at all times and to verify that your systems comply with the latest safety standards.

The Clextral auditing system

Upstream inspection and assessment

  • Thorough inspection and parameter measurements
  • Objective and precise analysis of wear and tear and productivity

Operations follow-up

  • Preventive maintenance measures and procedures
  • Regular monitoring to maintain productivity
  • Ongoing training and upgrades

Sustained support

  • Upgrades for continuous improvement
  • Sustainable development measures (water and energy savings) and environmental standards (ISO 9000, ISO 14000)

If you would like to call upon one our engineers  to audit your facilities, please contact our sales department