To respond to constantly changing market demands, you need to constantly innovate to create new products or use new raw materials. Our process experts are available to provide valuable information and advice and intervene on-site to implement technical solutions and transform new ideas into new products.  We can help you to optimize production and ensure the highest quality standards for your products. We can provide numerous solutions, such as changes in screw profile design, upgrades and automation to make sure you are getting the best out of your Clextral systems. 

Transforming new ideas into new products

Our process experts and our inhouse facilities enable clients to test new recipes and improve processing for both food and non-food product categories. Our engineers monitor industrial, consumer and lifestyle trends to anticipate on developments in a wide range of industries throughout the world: food manufacturing, pet food, fish feed, pulp processing, chemicals, plastics, bio-sourced industrial products, powders, etc.

Thus, in key areas such as nutrition and diet, we assist manufacturers in their research in the sourcing and making of new and healthy ingredients and formulations to respond to consumer trends. Similarly, with our Green Extrusion Technology, we advise industrial manufacturers in the use of more environmentally friendly bio-sourced and recyclable products.

Clextral in the field

We also provide laboratories, research centers and R&D facilities with specialized equipment to test new products and carry out pilot tests. This equipment, which includes extruders, specific ancillary equipment and add-ons, is generally a scaled-down version of our industrial machinery. It is easily transportable and is ‘plug & play’.

If you would like more information on our process assistance services, please call our sales department.