Dedicated Clextral Service + teams of experts and engineers are available at all times to provide you with technical and process support, on-site or through our network of remote assistance.

Technical assistance you can count on

Do you have a question or do you need to resolve a problem? Our team of experts is available to answer all the questions you may have on how best to use our equipment and lines and to provide you with practical solutions.

All you need to do is contact us by phone on our dedicated Service+ line or drop us an e-mail. We’ll make sure you get in touch with the right people to deal with your production issues and, if needed, with remote assistance. Our goal is always to help you in the best possible way and reduce production downtime.

Local support through the Clextral global network

Technical and process support has always been a priority in all our operations worldwide. This means you can count on our responsiveness and local support, with our international teams continuing to grow and develop new services  to help you as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Just contact our Service + call center by dialing +33 4 77 40 38 88 or your local service contact in our offices and subsidiaries.

Your can also send an e-mail at