Personalized local support services have always been a priority for Clextral.  Our local engineers cover our many fields of activity, providing you with all their practical expertise and experience. 

We offer a full slate of support services: installation of new lines and equipment, advice, assistance, technical auditing, process expertise, remote assistance and training. Our goal is to make sure your systems are operating to the full extent of their capacities and to help you to gain market shares.

Technical assistance: Service +

Service + is our full service and support offer to ensure that you get the most out of your Clextral systems and that your staff is trained to operate the lines safely and efficiently. Our service specialists around the world are always available and ready to intervene to solve maintenance and operating issues, to increase productivity and reduce machine downtime to a strict minimum.

Remote assistance

Clextral remote assistance gives global distant real-time access to a dedicated network of experts: technicians, automation experts and process engineers. This service allows  to diagnose and find the faster and more economical appropriate repair solution.

Technical expertise and auditing

To make sure your equipment and lines are fully productive, Clextral offers you its technical expertise and auditing services. Our goal is to optimize the potential of your facilities and product quality at all times and to verify that your systems comply with the latest safety standards. Our experts are available for specific checks or comprehensive audits.

Expertise and process advice

Clextral process engineers are available to provide valuable information and advice and to intervene on-site to implement solutions. Clextral also offers its expertise and inhouse facilities to enable clients to test new recipes and improve processing.

Training Services

Because your competitiveness is driven by your employees’ understanding of your production equipment, Clextral offers a wide choice of training modules, at its dedicated training centers or on-site at customer production facilities.

To find out more about our support and assistance services, please contact our sales staff for further information.