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Our sales department ensures that spare parts are available and our engineers intervene on demand as quickly as possible. No matter how old your machine may be, we always find a workable solution. We recommend you choose our Premium metallurgical solutions for your wear parts: they are designed to last at least four times longer than standard parts!  

Our original manufacturer’s parts are built to the highest specifications to ensure long-lasting performance and to avoid downtime and production losses. Our quality policy is applied to all Clextral products: food and non-food twin-screw systems, couscous and pasta lines and DKM pumps. We also propose on-site parts and consumables stocking options.

A complete range of services for spare and wear parts

We provide replacement parts for all our existing systems and we also upgrade older parts to ensure optimum efficiency and productivity for your manufacturing facilities.

Our catalogue includes a full offer for replacement parts for production lines as well as ancillary equipment.

Solutions and services for wear parts

To ensure that wear of critical parts is reduced to a minimum, we provide detection and diagnostic services and we regularly update our replacement parts. To achieve this, we constantly develop Premium metallurgical solutions using special steels and alloys that considerably increase the lifecycle of parts and enhance the productivity of your twin-screw extrusion systems.

Clextral services include wear monitoring, preventive maintenance, auditing to make sure parts are being used properly and programmed part replacements. We also propose specific training courses so that your maintenance staff can monitor wear efficiently.

Quality parts, complete services and comprehensive warranties

Clextral parts optimize performance and reliability throughout the product lifecycle:

  • Original or certified parts complying with the highest standards (ISO, CE, etc.) closely monitored by Clextral engineers
  • Complete catalogue of parts and consumables, including the replacement of parts for older systems and a comprehensive technical database
  • Supply chain outsourcing, with easy ordering systems, rapid response, cost-efficient delivery rates and on-site stock on demand
  • Top quality materials with regular upgrades of components
  • Expert fitters available worldwide