Your equipment and lines can get a second life ! A second-hand or used machine is often an interesting alternative for testing our technologies. We sell mainly refurbished twin-screw machines initially used for food processing or plastic and pulp manufacturing. We also propose second-hand pasta and couscous lines, as well as Rotante dryers.

Before making a purchase of a second-hand machine, our experts carefully analyze your needs and propose upgrading or reconditioning machines with adequate warranties. Once the machine is installed, owners continue to benefit from the same support as purchasers of new machines, including complete documentation, full maintenance services, spare parts and updates. After all, as the original manufacturer, we are in the best position to help you get the most out of your production facilities.

What are the critical factors one should examine when buying a second-hand machine?

Upstream, it’s important to specify what the machine will be used for. Clextral experts are available to assess needs and draw up specifications.

If the decision is made to purchase a second-hand machine, Clextral will undertake to recondition it to its highest standards of quality. This includes:

  • Ensuring the right equipment is available
  • Providing comprehensive and documented information, such as the age of the machine, the number of hours it has been operated, maintenance documents, etc.
  • Detailed examination of the state of wear of key parts (e.g. screws and barrels), the state of ancillary equipment (e.g. pre-conditioners and dryers) and electrical components, followed by an assessment of which parts need to be replaced or upgraded
  • Thorough investigation of other key factors, such as how long the machine has not been used, whether it still complies to current safety and operating standards and whether it meets the productivity requirements
  • Startup of the system and training of operators.

If you are interested in purchasing a second-hand machine or are considering a trade-in or sale of your current Clextral system, please contact our sales staff for further information.