To increase equipment lifecycles, Clextral offers a specific offer of Premium metallurgy solutions for the screws and barrels of our twin-screw extruders. These can increase the lifecycle of parts up to four times or more. 

Using longer-lasting parts means that there is less wear, less maintenance downtime and, ultimately, lower cost of ownership for your production facilities. High-grade metallurgy ensures consistent product quality, easier maintenance and higher productivity. The advanced metals used in Premium parts are specifically designed to process corrosive or abrasive ingredients and are sturdier than standard materials. These Premium metallurgical solutions are custom-made for each of Clextral’s food and non-food markets.

Solutions for screws and barrels

For many years now, Clextral R&D has been developing high-grade metallurgical solutions specifically designed to reduce wear of twin-screw extruder systems. These metals are used to make screws and barrels  that perform optimally in the most demanding mechanical, thermal and chemical environments, with particular emphasis on sensitive areas and critical functions. Clextral metallurgical solutions always take into account screw/barrel compatibility, thus optimizing the reliability and lifecycles of both components.

A complete range of metallurgical solutions for food and non-food systems

  • Standard solution: CLX300 screw, CLX300R81S/R82S screw and CLX100 barrel
  • Premium solution: R99 screw, R97 screw, R98 barrel, R100 barrel
  • Other specific Premium solutions on demand: hastelloy and other alloys, brass, bronze…