Your equipment probably hasn’t yet reached its limits and there are many ways of extending its capacities ! Our “upgrading” offer allows you to modernize your machines and production lines to increase productivity and create new products. 

Twin-screw extrusion lines include a series of distinct processing units. Often, upgrading or improving one or several of these units can be a practical and productive solution. Modifications such as lengthening a barrel or adding ancillary kits can completely change the profile of an older yet still reliable line, giving it a second life as a high-performance system to meet new demands. Our experts propose these modifications after a careful assessment of technical data, process requirements and the performance levels of your existing facilities.

Upgrading is simple!

There are many ways to upgrade or modernize twin-screw extrusion lines, either partly or completely:

  • Adding or changing ancillary equipment, such as dosing systems, drying devices, etc.
  • Installing clip-on upgrading kits, such as co-extrusion systems on directly-expanded cereal or snack lines, multigrain snack, bi-coloration for pet foods and treats, ancillary equipment for flakes, snack breads or croutons
  • Modifying extruders to create new products or increase production
  • Installation of new dies to create new shapes and new products, including different product sizes
  • Increasing capacities by lengthening barrel or increasing motor power
  • Saving energy by replacing DC motors with AC motors, installing electrical resistance to replace induction coils or modifying the tops of Rotante dryers
  • Automation  for more precise process control or startups, product changeover and access to remote services.

The + of our upgrading offer:

  • New product development opportunities
  • Enhanced production performance
  • Greater energy efficiency generating savings and favorable for Sustainable Development