The 19th “Aquafeed Europe” will take place in Ghent, Belgium, on December 3rd and 4th, 2018.

Some 40 people will attend the seminar on “Trends and Markets in Aquaculture: Ingredients, Nutrition, Formulation and Optimization of Feed Production and Quality.”


François MOIGNET Clextral Area Sales Manager will present the advantages of twin-screw extrusion applied to Fish Feed as well as the technological innovations (such as the Preconditoner +) from Clextral that allow the production of fish feed of very high quality.

Tuesday December 4th from 1:30 pm:

13:30: Extrusion Basics, SSE versus TSE, Spefic TSE Features, François Moignet, Clextral, France

14:00: Technological Innovations with TSE, Line Intelligence, Preconditioner PLUS, Hygienic Design, Density Control and Applications Thereof, François Moignet, Clextral, France

For more information, do not hesitate to contact François Moignet (francois.moignet [a] and consult the website dedicated to Aquafeed Europe Shortcourse.