EPTLeveraging its EPT™ (Extrusion Porosification Technology) , Clextral offers to the powder industry professionals the breakthrough Extrusion Porosification Technology to make innovative powders, featuring improved functionalities while using less energy.

EPT™ can advantageously replace conventional techniques, such as drying by atomization and  freeze-drying. This technology can be used for several food processing applications and for the manufacturing of innovative chemical and pharmaceutical products. 


How was EPT™ developed and what advantages does it offer?

EPT™ is a Clextral patented process, developed in collaboration with New Zealand and Australian partners. Using continuous twin-screw technology, EPT™ is useful in texturing powders to provide them with new functions. The twin-screw extruder is configured to continuously process highly viscous and heat-sensitive products, using mechanical action adapted to the function (mixing, limited shearing, controlled residence time) and precise temperature control. EPT™ increases drying efficiency by accelerating material and heat transfers. This enables the manufacturing of complex powders with homogenous features and interesting rehydration properties, at a lower cost, in particular through lower energy consumption during the concentration and drying phases. 

Who can benefit from EPT™?

Clextral pacific EPT pilot plant

The EPT™ process is a flexible, economical and compact alternative to conventional technologies. It has been developed for the powder industries. This intensified drying-texturing process was first tested for the manufacturing of milk powders and their derivatives. The process was then extended to other added value food products: protein-rich powders, high-fat mixes, heat-sensitive ingredients (aromas, bacteria), instant drinks, etc. Clextral and its partners are currently exploring EPT™ applications in non-food areas, including fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

To allow its customers to assess the potential of this process, Clextral has designed and markets a pilot line with evaporative capacity of 30-50 kg/h of water. Clextral also proposes a full range of support services to help develop innovations.

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This project is supported by BPI France with a FEDER Innovation loan agreement.