For many years, Clextral has played a pioneering and innovative leadership role with its multidisciplinary teams of experts working in its research centers in France, the United States and more recently in Australia. These R & D centers are dedicated to developing new products and improving processes. Design, laboratory testing, prototyping, small batch processing, industrial simulation … can be performed independently and confidentially in these centers, with or without the participation of in-house experts. Clextral offers tailored services to its customers, up to co-development. 

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Centers of excellence

Clextral ‘s three R&D centers offer a full range of services, resources and expertise:

  • The R & D center in France, located at the company’s headquarters in Firminy (near Saint-Etienne) covers Food & Feed Industries and Green industries. Unique in the world, it brings:
    • two dedicated research platforms for food and feed twin screw extrusion processing
    • an area for the processing of fibers, especially for the paper industry
    • a dedicated section for plastic and chemicals
    • additional equipment for extrusion, drying, coating.
  • The R & D center in the United States, located in Tampa (Florida), serves North and South American customers of the company, primarily in food areas. It combines extrusion capacity, drying and coating.
  • The R & D center in Australia, located near Melbourne, is dedicated to the proprietary Extrusion Porosification Technology (EPT ™), a patented process for drying viscous products with significant energy reduction, while controlling tthe particle size of powders to develop new functional properties.The center is equipped with a pilot line with an evaporation capacity of 30 -50 kg / h of water.

Clextral also maintains a policy of scientific and technological cooperation with public and private research organizations. It can therefore leverage external competences and skills to conduct specific research and foster innovation.