Clextral accompanies its customers’ development projects by providing its expertise in its testing centers at its headquarters in Firminy (France) and in Tampa (Fl, United States). More recently a dedicated R&D center was launched in Australia to develop its innovative EPT™ technology for powder manufacturing. Clextral also engages in co-development programs with its customers, as well as public and private research centers.

These co-development projects are deployed in a variety of areas, both food and non-food, and cover all industrial and scientific disciplines: new chemical and nutritional formulas, improved manufacturing processes, innovative equipment, new applications … This collaboration can be extended to the joint development of new products or even exclusive patented manufacturing processes. In all these development projects, we contractually and ethically respect the intellectual property of our customers and their confidential information.

Partnerships with centers of excellence

Directly expanded ready-to-eat breakfast cereals
To strengthen its expertise in co-development, Clextral leverages external expertise from universities and research laboratories. It is also an active member of several competitiveness clusters dealing with a wide variety of industries and technologies :

As part of its collaboration agreements with research centers and clusters, the company provides them with additional resources to stimulate innovation. Thus, many centers are equipped with Clextral pilot or laboratory twin screw extruders. In its commitment to basic research, Clextral also fully or partially sponsors many masters and doctoral students in the physical sciences and welcome several Master or PhD level trainees every year.

Dedicated R & D equipment :

Clextral has developed a range of dedicated equipment for laboratories, universities and R & D customers:

  • Twin screw R&D and pilot extruders: EV 25, EV32, EV53.
  • Dryer : Evolum 300
  • Lab coating equipment: sweet and savory platforms
  • As well as ad-hoc hardware devices…