Clextral will host a webinar about Plant Based Meat Analogues by Twin Screw Extrusion, Tuesday, November 24th, 9:00 CET.

It’s a free webinar where you will learn how twin screw extrusion transforms plant proteins into meat replacements with real meat textures, flavors and appeal. During this event,  two Clextral speakers will make a presentation, Sylvie Brunel (Process & Innovation Director) and Emmanuel Lavocat (Food Extrusion Process Engineer / Protein Extrusion Expert). They will speak about :

  • Ingredient selection
  • Processing techniques
  • Best practices in processing plant-based product extenders
  • Meat analogs

There’s a growing demand for these types of products. Consumers are looking for healthy and tasty alternatives to meat. You can benefit from Clextral extrusion and product expertise to design a full range of plant based meat analogues with a wide variety of fibrated protein products.

There will be a Q&A after the presentation. So you will be able to get all the answers you need for your projects. 

To attend the webinar, click here to register.