Petfood Forum

Clextral will be present to the Petfood Forum 2021, from September 22nd to September 24th. It will take place in Kansas City (USA), in person at the Kansas City Convention Center. This event is the pet food industry’s global conference and exhibition focused on research and technologies utilized in the development, formulation and processing of pet food and treats. 

Meet Clextral’s team at booth 911 ! It is a great opportunity to talk about your projects, exchange about your ideas and learn more about twin screw extrusion technology.

Clextral is specialized in twin screw extrusion technology and designs pet food production lines. Those lines enable manufacturers to produce innovative and cost-effective extruded pet food products. They are divided into three categories : dry (kibbles), semi-moist (chewy) and treats. The main advantages is that you can control all process parameters : crispiness, degree of hardness or suppleness, size, shape, airiness and flavor. It’s also possible to integrate a wide range of ingredients into pet food formulations :

  • Wheat and corn flour or grits
  • Soy meal
  • Meat and fish flour
  • Animal and vegetable fat and minerals
  • Animo acids and vitamins

With Clextral’s technology, you will have products that are well suited for animals because they can reach specific criteria such as animal gender, age, energy requirements… So your pet food products will be balanced nutritionally for animals. 

Your products will satisfy pets but it is also crucial to satisfy pet owners. To boost the consumer appeal, your products will be convenient to store and serve, esthetically pleasing and providing value for money.

So if you are interested by the twin screw technology and the pet food products, join us there ! You can visit Petfood Forum website for more information.