Where the global pet food industry does business

The Petfood Forum will be held in Kansas City (USA) from April 23 to 25, 2018. This is the global event for the animal feed industry.

Our Clextral USA team will welcome you on booth 238.


Clextral twin-screw extrusion systems can integrate a wide range of ingredients into pet food formulations: wheat and corn flour or grits, soy meal, meat and fish flour, animal and vegetable fat and minerals, amino acids and vitamins. They can also include additives such as texturing agents, flavor enhancers, and preservatives.

Our pet food extrusion lines are designed to operate 24/7 and to process a wide range of recipes. Manufacturers can produce any number of textures, shapes, flavors and colors. Our goal is to provide flexible and scalable production tools to produce high-quality, tasty and nutritional pet foods.


The Preconditioner + improves the overall process and the quality of the finished food products. It also enables to save energy and gives greater flexibility and finer control over the operating parameters, whatever the recipe.

The key innovation is the Advanced Filling Control device (AFC). It consists in an exclusive conveying screw positioned at the bottom of the tank. The AFC enables process flexibility. It controls the filling ratio and the transfer speed in order to increase the residence time according to the recipes (higher than 3 minutes for fish feed). A higher residence time intensifies the  pre-treatment of the raw material (pre-heat, pre-moist, pre-gelatinization).


To learn more, visit the PetFood Forum website