Clextral will sponsor the first day of the Petfood extrusion technology short course, organized by the FIE with Foodstream and The Centre For Feed Technology (FôrTek). This course will take place online between 8:15 and 16:30 (CET) from May 3rd to May 5th, 2021. It will be presented in english.

Registration will be closed on April 28th

This event is an opportunity to learn more about the extrusion technology and specifically the pet food extrusion. Many subjects will be discuss, such as the principles of extrusion, the design of extrusion processes and the formulation of extruded pet foods. There will be a demonstration on day 2 to illustrate the different principles. 

Clextral is specialized in twin screw extrusion technology and have many years of experience to guide you through your projects. Clextral’s pet food production lines can operate 24/7 and process a wide range of pet food recipes with different textures, shapes, colors and flavors. So manufacturers can produce innovative and cost-effective dry pet food, semi-moist pet food, treats and co-extruded treats. This technology allows pet food makers to customize recipes to cater specific criteria and to control process parameters (crispiness, degree of hardness or suppleness, size, shape, moisture content, airiness, flavor…).

These systems enable you to integrate many ingredients into the pet food formulations : wheat and corn flour or grits, soy meal, meat and fish flour, animal and vegetable fat and minerals, amino acids and vitamins. It’s also possible to add additives such as texturing agents, flavor enhancers and preservatives. 

These products will be well suited for animals, boost consumers appeal and create brand loyalty. You can satisfy both pets and pets owners by offering a product that is balanced nutritionally and in the same time be attractive for pet owners (product convenient to store and serve, esthetically pleasing and value for money).

So join us for this event to learn more about extrusion and pet foods ! Visit FIE website to have more information and click here to register.