The new standard for extrusion excellence 


Our latest range of premium equipment for high quality production lines.

Evolum+ twin-screw extruders are equipped with advanced technology to give our customers new levels of throughput, flexibility and control while ensuring optimum  process stability and maximum food and non-food product quality.


Profitable performance


EVOLUM+ extruders deliver up to 40% higher production volume than standard Evolum models, due to increased volumetric capacity through an optimized volume/energy ratio. The investment cost divided by the throughput is significantly reduced, for a profitable processing solution with maximized ROI.

Smart Operation


A key innovation of our extrusion process is the Advanced Thermal Control (ATC), a proprietary, self-learning innovation that ensures improved response time and enhanced process stability (up to 70%). Energy savings (up to 20%).


Clean design


The EVOLUM+ extrusion range is specifically designed for hygienic processing and food safety, constructed of full stainless steel or stainless/painted steel depending on the application. New ergonomic design and open profiles enable full machine access.


From 25 to 145 mm screw diameters, Evolum™ is our “value” range of co-rotating twin-screw extruders and ancillary equipment for extruded products.

Evolum range features :

  • A large operating window thanks to multiple “torque/screw speed” options
  • A wide range of “Screw speed / Torque” solutions in order to accurately satisfy process requirements
  • Accurate thermal control enhanced by an improved Heat Transfer Management

A range of machines offering a direct scale-up from one model to another, thanks to their homothetic designs

Patented barrel opening : Clextral offers a direct hydraulic opening of the barrels to provide quick access to the screw profile without cumbersome shaft extraction. Enhanced process control : PLC Fitsys+ V2 controls the extruder; it’s user-friendly, multilingual and allows data export, plus automatic startup/shutdown and remote assistance service.


This is the company’s “historic” machine, robust and reliable, as evidenced by the significant installed base which is still operating all over the world.

4 models: BC 45, BC72, BC92 and BC160 have passed the test of years and are still popular with new and old customers.


This technology can be included with our classic extrusion production lines or proposed as an “ add-on upgrade kit” for installation on existing extrusion lines.

The kit includes: Front plate + die, filling pump skid and the forming crimper.

Co-extrude a selection of sweet or savoury fillings :

  • Compact kit is easy to integrate on a line
  • Washable CIP system
  • Automatic and flexible system for a wide variety of filling viscosities (parameters entirely adjustable with recipe management)
  • Appropriate dimensions for optimal dosing and low production losses
  • Controlled filling temperature
  • From 2 to 8 outputs with volumetric pumps and variable speed drive
  • 4 to 12 die outputs


Some extrusion processes require preliminary treatment of raw materials prior to the twin-screw extruder.

The preconditioner heats, hydrates and mixes the dry raw materials before extrusion and automatically doses the pre-treated product into the extruder. It optimizes the capacities and the performance of the extruder and enhances final product features.



Evolum Preconditioners  with variable output speeds from 50 to 20 000kg/h for volumes of 25L to 3000L


Easy to use, ergonomic and safe for operators, with secured equipment upstream and downstream


Preconditioners are custom-designed to optimize efficiency and enhance the quality of finished extruded products by:

  • Ensuring optimal conversion of starches


  • Destroying certain enzymes and microorganisms to ensure food safety and flavor profiles


  • Minimizing wear and production interruptions as  preconditioned products are perfectly homogenous and ensure consistent recipes 



Evolum+ Preconditioners with capacities of 75 L to 4500 L and 100 to 23 000 kg/h (for dry mix product)


Clextral’s Evolum+ Preconditioner offers major technological advances that increase the twin-screw extruder capacity and respond to food and feed process requirements:


  • Enhanced process flexibility: The patented Advanced Filling Control (AFC) device considerably increases the filling ratio and residence time. 


  • Improved efficiency: The longer residence time intensifies the pretreatment of the raw material: preheating, premoistening, pregelatinization.


  • Easy cleaning & maintenance: The stainless steel construction with minimum retention areas ensures easy access and cleaning. The reversible AFC device enables the line to be emptied in less than 2 minutes, ready for cleaning or quick recipe changeover.


The vent stuffer adapts easily to the twin-screw extruder. Its purpose is to limit the risk of material escaping from the barrel. Vapor is evacuated while the extruded material is contained by the degassing screw.


Density Control System (DCS) : an extrusion process tool to maximize product quality

The DCS equipment, featuring a vent stuffer and regulating system, increases the flexibility of the extruder by offering both a wide range of pellet densities and extremely accurate monitoring of the target density.

The cooking degree and resulting density of the finished extruded product can be adjusted according to customer specifications. By adding steam or through the generation of a vacuum, the density control system ensures the precise density and proper degree of expansion in the final product.


  • Precise and fully automated density adjustment and control : It is possible, for example, to quickly change from an extruded pellet of 350g/l to 750 g/l.
  • Reduced product moisture levels
  • Generate high density products
  • Fines recovery back to preconditioner
  • Ideal for producing sinking and floating aquatic feed


Drying is a key stage in a food extrusion processing line. 

Drying technology involves evaporating the moisture in a product without altering its essential characteristics and/or enabling the introduction of  (undesirable?) features. Clextral offers drying technologies to meet specific  product quality, cost efficiency and environmental impact requirements.

Clextral proposes 3 complete ranges of drying systems 


The Clextral Evolum Belt Dryer is a compact dryer designed to fulfill the requirements of direct expanded products. It offers an optimised heat exchange surface for gentle and efficient drying, to ensure maximum product quality at an economical cost.

The dryer has features to precisely control the evaporation process while enhancing the quality, texture and structural properties of the extruded product.

The Evolum belt dryer is designed to address the specific drying requirements of expanded snacks (balls, curls, cups…), co-extruded, filled pillows, textured vegetable proteins, uncoated pet food kibbles….

It offers:

  • Compact design (plug & play)
  • Flexible for changing requirements
  • Simplified dry cleaning and maintenance
  • Energy efficiency and economical operation

This Clextral dryer is available in three capacities (snack is the reference in terms of throughput): 300kg/h , 600 kg/h, 1200kg/h.


This specific rotary dryer keeps the product moving constantly in a linear product conveyance system driven by Archimedes screws, thus ensuring homogeneous and consistent drying. Drying can be done at different temperatures, with an energy efficiency yield of 90 %.

The Clextral Evolum® Rotante dryer offers the following advantages :

  • Improved product quality
  • Reduced energy consumption 
  • Flexibility
  • Simplified maintenance
  • Hygienic design and self-cleaning 
  • Quick on-site installation


The new standard for drying excellence

The Clextral Evolum+ dryer is a versatile system developed to ensure uniform and effective drying for a large range of products.

It has enhanced aeraulics and high performance thermal insulation for optimized drying efficiency.

Sturdy and hygienic design to optimize food safety:  The Evolum+ dryer is manufactured from stainless steel, fully welded without retention zones, suitable for washdown facilities and dry cleaning environments

The dryer includes side panels that allow full access for cleaning and maintenance.

  • Safe operation and accurate drying process control : 
  • Highly flexible
  • Enhanced aeraulics
  • Modular design of upward and downward airflow drying sections
  • Optimized efficiency
  • User friendly
  • Eco-designed
  • Risk assessments & functional safety of control
  • Highly efficient thermal insulation


Coating is a key stage in food processing that impacts product appearance, texture, structure and taste features. 


Coating is a key stage in food processing that impacts product appearance, texture, structure and taste features. Clextral’s exclusive sweet coating devices: syrup preparation and metering unit, coating drum and spraying system, produce a consistent and uniform outer layer of a glazed, frosty, or dull coating..

Key points of Clextral coating technology :

  • An automatic and flexible system with touchscreen user interface for managing every syrup (sugar, honey, chocolate…) from low to high BRIX (fully adjustable parameters with recipe management).
  • Properly sized equipment for optimum coating and syrup dispersion, evenly distributed throughout the coating zone.
  • Mastering the physical characteristics of the process: viscosity, BRIX, concentration, syrup temperature and temperature conditions of the final product.


To give the flavor profile expected by consumers, extruded snacks undergo a coating step where they are covered with liquid and / or powdered flavorings.

The coating is carried out in a drum equipped with a spray ramp ;  the coating product itself is prepared in a specific skid (set of tanks and pumps). The coating platform is very flexible to work with various types of coatings which are sometimes very complex; cheese powder coatings, for example.