We develop complementary technologies compatible with extrusion lines to extend the range of products and add new ones that consumers are looking for. These technologies are either supplied with our classic production lines from the start, or proposed in the form of “complementary upgrade kits” for installation on existing lines.

Our croutons (bread snacks) kit is easy to install and enables the conversion of snack lines, which are directly expanded to produce continuously-extruded croutons.

Clextral has developed a flexible cutting system with a hygienic design that enables switching from a 45° angle to a 90° angle in a few minutes.


Technical characteristics of the croutons kit

  • Capacities of 160 kg/h and 480 kg/h
  • 2 cutting angles: 45° or 90°
  • PLC interface: “smart touch” interface
  • Interconnection with twin-screw extruders
  • Strand guidance
  • The kit includes: oil pump, conveyor, die
  • Optional: Continuous colouring unit

The advantages of the Clextral croutons kit

  • Precision: Precise cutter blade with 2 cutting angles: 45 or 90°
  • Usability and safety: flexible use, easy and fast tool changeover.
  • Modularity: suited to a wide range of products: oval 45° / cubic 90% / oval or round 90°
  • Hygiene: Simple and hygienic design.

Colouring unit (optional)

  • Continuous colouring
  • 1 or 2 strands
  • Colourant recycling