Join us for our SHIFT20 virtual expo from July 13rd to July 15th, 2020. Consumers taste are constantly changing and progressing. So this event will help you to learn about the latest technologies and innovation in the food industry. 

You will be able to attend Clextral’s webinars about fibrated proteins and EPT technology with our Twin Screw Extrusion process. Don’t forget to register with the links below :

Texturized Plant Protein (Low Moisture Extrusion) July 13rd. 2020 09:30 CDT à :

R&D Centers & Pilot Equipments July 14th. 2020 09:30 CDT à :

Extrusion Porosification Technology-EPT July 15th. 2020 09:30 CDT à :

– Plant based Meat Analogs (High Moisture Extrusion) July 15th. 2020 01:00 CDT à :

Consumers are seeking for healthier and tastier alternatives to meat. With our twin-screw extrusion technology you can produce fibrated protein products. Those products can be used as ingredients for vegetarian or vegan dishes, or prepared for ready-to-eat prepared meals.

You can also join us for webinars about our EPT technology. It is a solution to manufacture porous powders with enhanced functionalities, using less energy. 

Visit SHIFT20 website to find more information about the exhibition.