Clextral will sponsor the first day of the HMEC (Extrusion of Plant Based Meats) short course organized by the FIE in conjunction with Foodstream and the Institute of Life Technologies of the University of applied sciences & arts western Switzerland. It will be from July 5th to July 6th, between 8:15 and 16:45 (CET). This event will be in english and presented online only.

Registration will be closed on June 21

This short course is about High Moisture Extrusion Cooking (HMEC) which is used to process functional protein ingredients into meat-like textures, that is used to make « meat analogues ». The extrusion technology is specialized in this process. There is a quick expansion of the vegetarian and vegan markets, mainly because of an increasing concern over the environmental sustainability. 

So, this course will cover many subjects from introducing extrusion technology in general to the ingredients used for HMEC.

Clextral is specialized in twin screw extrusion technology and with our experience, we develop fibrated proteins. The aim is to meet the growing demand from the consumers, for both healthy and environmental reasons. These proteins are made with vegetable proteins, extracted from plants : soya, cereals, pulses (peas, beans, lentils, lupine), sunflower or even insects or mycoproteins. They are used as ingredients for vegetarian or vegan dishes (meat substitutes or meat analogs) or prepared for ready-to-eat meals. Fibrated protein products present many advantages : 

  • Cholesterol-free
  • Low in fat
  • High in protein and fiber content
  • Rich in nutrients

So if you are interested by these subjects, visit the FIE website to find more information regarding this event and to click here to register.