packing peanutsIndustrial manufacturers are developing high-performance bio-sourced materials to respond to a growing demand for environmentally friendly and sustainable products. Clextral works closely with manufacturers and research organizations to design efficient and cost-effective solutions. Here are two examples of recent collaborative innovations.

Biodegradable loose-fill packing products

The challenge: to produce biodegradable loose-fill packing chips as an alternative to expanded polystyrene (EPS).

The solution: In cooperation with AGRIPACK, producer of Exabal® packing chips, and ULICE, the LIMAGRAIN Group R&D Center, Clextral developed the appropriate process and scaled it up from laboratory scale to production scale, offering AGRIPACK turnkey twin-screw production lines with a patented process license. 
The end-products offer several advantages:

  • Fully biodegradable chips, soluble in water within one minute
  • Efficient stability of goods through interlocking chips
  • True shock absorption power for a wide range of loads
  • Low creep under load pressure over time
  • Cost-effective and competitive chips compared to EPS chips.

Biodegradable film

The challenge: to produce biodegradable films as an alternative to petrochemical plastic films.

The solution: Clextral developed a complete manufacturing line for one of its customers, including a dosage and transformation system for bio-sourced raw materials, production of the final product using twin-screw extrusion, completed by shearing and drying.

This new biodegradable film is used mainly as packaging or mulching for crops, thus reducing waste management costs. The film completely disappears after 100 days and the speed of decomposition can be adjusted by modifying the ingredients in the mix.

Clextral offers its expertise and in-house facilities in France, the US and Australia to enable industrial manufacturers and research centers to develop and test new biodegradable compounds and to improve processing. Designing new compounds, prototyping, pre-industrial trials and scaling up can all be carried out confidentially in our facilities, with or without the participation of our experts.

Find out more about plastics production lines 

  • Continuous and efficient feed of low density products followed by mixing, blending, and possibly chemical reactions
  • Controlled melting, cooling, forming and degassing, including high initial water content raw materials
  • Convenient addition of fillers, fibers, pigments, etc. to create value added products
  • Dedicated screw profiles, ensuring mixing quality

Clextral also offers its expertise and in-house facilities to enable plastic manufacturers to develop and test new concepts and improve processing of recycled materials.