recycled plastic bagDemand for biodegradable materials is growing fast, spurred on by environmental concerns, with industrial manufacturers developing high-performance bio-sourced and/or biodegradable materials to respond to this trendTwin-screw technology is ideally suited to process environmentally friendly compounds that comply with the highest Sustainable Development standards.

Clextral has developed innovative systems to produce a wide range of fully biodegradable bio-sourced and composite compounds, using organic raw materials such as natural fibers and starches.

Practical information

Biodegradability is a relatively complex concept and process. It may be defined as the intrinsic capacity of a material to be decomposed by bacterial and micro-organic agents, for conversion into H2O, CO2 and/or CH4 to produce a new biomass medium.

Biodegradable materials are divided into three major categories:

  • Natural materials, which include biopolymers and polymer compounds derived directly from plant resources, such as starches, cellulose, lignin, etc.
    • Bacterial polymers, including PHB, and PHBV
    • Polymers synthesized from monomers derived from plant resources, such as PLA
  • Fossil-sourced  materials, such as polyesters
  • Composite materials, which combine polymers of the two previous categories 

Clextral twin-screw process features

Clextral twin-screw lines offer major advantages to process biodegradable compounds:

  • Optimum product quality and process flexibility
  • Dedicated screw profiles, ensuring mixing quality
  • Continuous processing of chemical reactions, mixing and blending
  • Combined micro-mixing and macro-mixing functions
  • Controlled melting, degassing, cooling 
and forming
  • High torque levels for efficient shearing and homogeneous mixing
  • Easy access to screws, reduced down time between batches and simplifying changeover

Clextral also offers its expertise and in-house facilities to enable industrial manufacturers and research centers to develop and test new biodegradable compounds and to improve processing. Designing new compounds, prototyping, pre-industrial trials and scaling up can all be carried out confidentially in our facilities, with or without the participation of our experts. Recent product innovations include the development of starch-based loose-fill packing materials and biodegradable films.

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