chemical Laboratory glasswareClextral has long-standing experience and an international reputation in process engineering and in particular reactive extrusion for manufacturing intermediate chemicals. This technology is used in numerous applications : mineral (alumina-based catalyzer carriers), organic (devolatization and poly-condensation of phenolic resins, saponification) or macromolecular (polymer functionalizing).

Diverse and innovative applications

Several disciplines are involved in these fields of research: chemistry, material, process design and management, plastics manufacturing, etc. Clextral provides its expertise and facilities to enable its customers to carry out laboratory research and develop pre-industrial prototypes and pilot production runs, before the implementation of full-scale industrial processes.

The advantages of reactive twin-screw extrusion for chemical processing:

  • Acceleration of reactive kinetics under the effect of temperature and pressure
  • Process intensification thanks to the intimate contact between reacting species
  • Reduction of the quantities of chemical reactants and reactions subproducts
  • Confinement of reactions and use of small amounts of reactive materials, leading to more safety for operators and less risk foe the environment
  • Higher productivity compared to conventional batch processing
  • Consistent quality due to continuous processing and easy repeatability (parameter recording and archiving) 
  • Process flexibility with possibilities to process various raw materials

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