Benefiting from our long-term experience and international reputation in reactive extrusion, we leverage our Green Extrusion Technology to offer a full range of specifically designed, intensified processes to enable more efficient and cleaner processing of chemical products and energetic materials.

Capabilities remarkable mixture can reduce the quantities of chemical reagents in.

The remarkable mixing capabilities of the twin screw extruders allow to reduce the quantities of chemical reagents. The low reaction volume and the short residence time in the extruder are all factors leading to more secure facilities for processing chemicals and energetic materials.

EV053 StationCP

Our twin screw extrusion technology is used in numerous industrial applications and in a wide range of chemical transformation processes: in mineral chemistry (alumina-based catalysts), organic chemistry (oligocondensation of phenolic resins, saponification) or macromolecular chemistry (polymer functionalization). 

Since 1976, we also developed twin screw extruders specifically designed to mix viscous energetic materials for a range of civil and military applications and we have many references in this field. 

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