cellulose pulp
Developed by Clextral for over 30 years, twin screw pulp processing lines offer determinant advantages compared to conventional pulp processing systems, such as : continuous processing, lower production costs, reduction of effluents outputs, lower water, chemical reactants, raw material consumption, energy savings as well as lower footprint.

Specialized in the processing of various raw materials such as annual plants, our twin screw technology can be used to make a wide variety of products:

  • Twin screw extrusion pulping process, enables paper manufacturers to produce high-quality special-grade pulps for banknotes and for writing and printing papers. Clextral processing units are especially efficient for processing cotton combers and linters for these prestigious papers.
  • As packaging manufacturers are increasingly searching solutions to replace plastics with more economical bio-sourced products such as cellulose-based materials, twin screw technology is also considered as an ideal solution to produce pulps for cardboard applications and molded cellulose.

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