Launched in 2012, the GRANoFLAKES project contributes to the competitiveness of European maize market by developing solutions and innovative manufacturing processes dedicated to the manufacture of quality cornflakes.

GRANoFLAKES federated four private partners and a research institute positioned along the entire value chain: variety selection, characterization, fractionation, drying and extrusion cooking.

Limagrain Europe, Limagrain Cereal Ingredients, Clextral Veodis 3D and INRA: all worked in a coordinated and complementary manner during those three years on each task of the project and coordinated by certified Céréales Vallée.

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flakesThe role of Clextral :

The main objective of Clextral was to improve the quality of extruded cornflakes.
The Project team has worked on optimizing the intensified process of extrusion cooking to get a very close extruded cornflakes quality than traditional cornflakes.
This quality, evidenced by physicochemical analysis was confirmed with sensory studies by a panel led and industrials.
3 years and 6 test campaigns were needed, representing 150 samples for a very satisfactory result.

To learn more about the project : press release “GRANoFLAKES Grain Valley.”