Foro mascotas 2021

Clextral will participate to the 2021 edition of Foro Mascotas, from October 5th to October 6th. It a major event in the pet food industry and several topics will be address : production, research and development, sanitary regulation, process, equipment, ingredients… This virtual edition will gather 50 commercial stands, digital conferences and networking opportunities. 

Eduardo Martínez from Clextral USA will do a conference called « Flexibilidad en la Cocción Termo Mecánica de la Extrusión de Doble Tornillo » between 3:00 pm and 3:30 pm (CDT) on October 5th. 

Free registration

Clextral is specialized in the twin screw extrusion technology and continuously innovates in the pet food development and production. Our pet food extrusion lines are designed to operate 24/7 and to process a wide range of recipes. Manufacturers can integrate a large numbers of textures, shapes, flavors and colors. Many raw materials can be used such as cereal flour, vegetable proteins, minerals and vitamins, and in some cases meat or fish flour and fresh meat. 

The main goal is to provide flexible and scalable production tools to produce high-quality, tasty and nutritional pet foods. So Clextral production lines present many advantages :

  • Precise control of process parameters and automation 
  • Intelligent pet food extruder
  • Creative shapes and finishing 
  • Ingredient flexibility
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Support services
  • Capacity of 25 to 25,000kg/h

Join us for this virtual and free event to learn more about twin screw extrusion and the production of pet food product. If you want more information, visit Foro Mascotas website and don’t forget to register