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Clextral Learn is the training program created by Clextral to meet your company’s needs.


An innovative and proven educational format

Guided by our expert trainer, your team will master a process principle, from extrusion basics to specific procedures and gain proficiency on the production line. Each session is personalized and includes a combination of videos, practice, animations, and engaging game-style challenges.



  • Undertsand the extrusion process and how the extruder works

  • Acquire the vocabulary specific to your equipment

  • Identify and understand malfunctions with the extruder

  • Verify the state of the components to prevent unplanned events

Improve your proficiency on your equipment, optimize your production, expedite maintenance and changeover !


Key themes

  • Getting to know the extruder
  • Mechanical and electrical components: frame, gearbox, motor, screws and barrels, sensors, etc.
  • Interactions between technique and process – Synergy
  • Prevention techniques and safety actions

Our “Basics of the extruder” training may be complemented by additional ½ day classes. Topics include: Supervision – Regulation – Wear monitoring

📆 3 days of training

  • Languages: French or English
  • Maximum 4 participants

🔎 This training will benefit:

  • Production Operators
  • Maintenance Technicians
  • Production Manager
  • Maintenance Manager

📌 Fully equipped training center:

  • Clextral extruder (BC, EV and EV+)
  • Screen / whiteboard
  • Projection equipment