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The pet food come in three categories: dry (kibble), semi-moist products and treats. The global pet food market is estimated to be worth over $60 billion (equivalent to the market for snacks) and forecasts indicate that pet food sales could reach the $100 billion mark by 2020, with double-digit growth expected in many emerging countries. To cater to this demand, Clextral twin-screw extrusion systems allow pet food producers to make innovative and cost-effective products that are well suited for animals, boost consumer appeal and create brand loyalty.

Satisfying pets and pet owners

Extruded pet food products can be divided into three main categories: dry (e.g. kibbles), semi-moist (chewy) and treats. Clextral twin-screw technology enables pet food makers to control all process parameters so that each product has the right features best suited, for example, for cats or dogs: crispiness, degree of hardness or suppleness, size, shape, airiness, flavor, etc. They can also customize their recipes to cater to specific criteria: animal gender, age, energy requirements, etc. This allows them to make pet foods that are balanced nutritionally for animals and that are also attractive for pet owners: convenient to store and serve, esthetically pleasing, providing value for money, etc.

Clextral twin-screw extrusion systems can integrate a wide range of ingredients into pet food formulations: wheat and corn flour or grits, soy meal, meat and fish flour, animal and vegetable fat and minerals, amino acids and vitamins. They can also include additives such as texturing agents, flavor enhancers, and preservatives.

Versatility and productivity

Extrudeur EV53 pet food

  • Productive continuous processing, fast changeover of configuration and easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Product-process flexibility – continuous processing of a wide range of raw materials and recipes for a variety of balanced nutrition products
  • Different textures, shapes and colors – variable density, air and moisture content, crispiness, hardness etc.
  • Perfect process control with advanced automation – consistency and repeatability in product features and quality
  • Intensified processing to reduce water and energy consumption, lower costs and contribute to Sustainable Development

Clextral provides its clients with a full range of services to create, test and simulate production of new innovative pet foods. Clextral has experts on all continents and state-of-the-art test plants in France, in the US and in Australia  to turn good ideas into profitable products.

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